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Organic Moss Incubator Cubes for delicate seeds (5 pack)

Organic Moss Incubator Cubes for delicate seeds (5 pack)

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This rockwool is a very effective hydroponics supply, made of high-quality basalt, centrifuged at high speed to form fibers after being melted at high temperature, and compressed into blocks through a proprietary process, soft and even texture, good water absorption and strong air permeability, which is helpful to the growth of roots.

Material: High quality basalt 
Size: 1.0 inches/ 1.2 inches/ 1.5 inches/ 2 inches 
Features:Light & Porous; Every piece can be divided into an independent growth medium. 
Applications: Hydroponics, seed starting, rooting, plant propagation, cloning systems 

How to Use
1. Please cut the rock wool into cubes according to your needs with a knife before soaking.
2. Please soak the rock wool cube briefly (10 sec) in water. Don't squeeze it! 
3. Use pH paper to ensure its pH is in the desired range for your seeds. The optimum pH for most plant seeds is around 5.5. 
4. Control the suitable moisture, illumination, and temperature to improve the germination rate of seeds. 
5. When the robust roots penetrate through the rock wool about 0.5-1 inches, transplant it into a suitable container with the recommended Fertilizaa soil

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