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Grow Light with Stand, Full Spectrum

Grow Light with Stand, Full Spectrum

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Adjustable tripod stand extendable from 15 inches to 48 inches, just set it at a desired height for your preferred use, you can stand it on the floor and adjust the gooseneck at the desired angle according to the needs of the plant.

  • Full Spectrum - Compact grow light with high quality super bright LEDs, full-spectrum 390nm-730nm, including White(3500K&6500K)Red&Blue. Plants can get the spectrum they most desire from this grow light. It's suitable for all stages of growth such as seedling, germination, and vegetative flowering.
  • Energy Efficient - 30w power draw replaces 150W HPS or HID grow light with only 30W consumption, saving your electric bill. Good for indoor use.
  • Easy to Install - Within just one minute! Screw up the tripod, gooseneck, and plant light, adjust the height and angle, and done!
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